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  • To reduce your carbon footprint and save money, think about installing a solar-powered hot water heating system. These environmentally-friendly hot water heating systems are increasingly becoming popular in households throughout the U.S.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much upkeep do solar power modules need?
 Solar power systems require very little maintenance, you don't need to wash or even dust. It is, on the other hand, vital that you place solar panels where they'll remain free from shade as well as debris to be able to experience the most kWh’s of electricity.

Just how long will it take to set up a solar energy system at my property?
Preparing, configuring, site surveys as well as doing any kind of custom purchasing for your solar power system may take up to a couple of weeks. Although, installing the device itself is ordinarily accomplished in only a few days time.

Exactly what is a net meter?
Net meters look just like other outside meters having one significant exception, they’re bi-directional, switching both forward and backwards recording both power created and energy consumed.

Just how do pool heating systems function?
Pool heating systems make use of a modified photo voltaic hot water system to catch the sun's rays in order to heat your pool or even hot tub.

Do I need to have a permit to set up a solar power system within my home?
Yes! You'll need to get building permits to install the solar photovoltaic or solar hot water system.

Will the weight be too much for my roof structure?
Absolutely no, solar modules are very light-weight. The combined weight from the rails as well as solar modules is only a few pounds for each square foot.

How long do the solar power panels last? How do they hold up during hailstorms?
Solar modules are extremely durable, and are designed with strong light weight aluminum frames and high strength tempered glass designed to stand up to moderate hailstorms.

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